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ReadyNAS Duo Java

How to get Java running on a ReadyNAS Duo using OpenJDK in a chrooted Debian

  1. xranby?

<xranby> RedNifre: try that and if you run into any issues then you might need to “bind” mount some common system directories like /proc /sys so that they become available from inside the chroot <xranby> liek mount -bind /proc /chroot/proc <xranby> it will make /proc appear inside the chroot as well <RedNifre> Okay. Let's say I got the new debian set up. Is there anything special to installing the ojdk? Or is it the usual apt-get? <xranby> the usual apt-get <RedNifre> So, after it's set up, I won't have to worry about chroot any more? It's as if I got an enhanced old debian? <xranby> you will have to use the chroot command every time you want to enter this enhanced new debian <xranby> apart from that you dont have to think about anything special while inside the chroot <RedNifre> What do you mean by “entering”? The only thing I need the JDK for is for a java server app, that will run all the time in the background. I guess this works? <xranby> it works.. by entering i mean when you type chroot /chroot to enter the chroot <xranby> and good luck